EasyFollow is the perfect tool for digitally managing any type of business, of any size. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a major company, everything has been designed to make the everyday management of your business simple. 

Everything is available online, in real time, on any Internet-connected device.

EasyFollow offers configurations that are suitable for all fields. 

During account setup, companies can choose the structure of their account with a variety of options that account for the differences between business.

For small businesses

EasyFollow’s tools have been designed and developed to perfectly meet the needs of small companies that want to save time to better focus on profitable activities.

Freelancers will benefit from all the tools they need to save time and efficiently grow their business.

Our cost-effective rates, based on the number of users, work well with limited budgets 

For medium businesses

For businesses with more than 10 employees, the greatest challenge is ensuring that communication is as efficient as possible. Otherwise, wasted time becomes an issue, leading to lost profits.

EasyFollow makes sure that the right information is being sent to every team, in real time.

A breath of fresh air for your business!

For large businesses

EasyFollow is designed to maximize control and the access to valuable information so that teams of all sizes can work more efficiently. 

Managers of large businesses highly appreciate the follow-up and approval features, which help them save time and greatly simplify their work.

Forget papers, faxes and wasted time!


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